About Centrifuge
Vision The Centrifuge paradigm: dynamic design of domestic furniture and products, exploring materials, process and technologies for manufacture in Canada.
History Centrifuge was founded in 1999, with studios in Toronto. Product development for a line of domestic furnishing and household products began in 2000. First Product launched in 2002.
Design Centrifuge is the creative expression of furniture and product designer Stephen Hugo Seinader. Collaboration with guest designers is explored on a project-by-project basis.
Awards 1999 - Apogee Table: Bolder Furniture Competition, 4th place. (Pictured at right.) Available by special order.
Future As part of DESIGN DOWNTOWN, the official off-site event of the ICFF, Centrifuge will be showing several new pieces in a group show featuring Canadian Design. "the nice collective : from/de: canada" at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC, May 15-18, 2004.


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Apogee table
Apogee table (folded)